Must advocate for longevity dwellers!

When the rich landlords begin to make preparations to sell or flip their investment apt buildings, usually the tenants are the ones whose livelihood is compromised. Fortunately, community groups and programs offered by SAJE and like minded people are the sole source of aid and provide some comfort during such turbulent times. Contrary to the rich minority's objectives we are mostly non-property owners. We are the dwellers and renters and do not seek to protect our lavish enterprises or our overpriced properties. We strive to get by on our own day by day one dollar at a time. The rich elitists have no business leading a nation of striving and hard working people living in the USA regardless of their background or their staus in life. They must keep their grubby little hands away from our pockets to promote activities that are opposite to the will of the majority or in other words, the working class. It is we that are the backbone of this economy and a nation without a backbone is a subversive one. If we are united in the cause then we will rise to meet any challenge but if we choose to be divided and timid we may fall and succumb to our opponents in the wake of their adversity. Let us stand upright and united.


Living in RCO apt for 30+ years... too old to start buying a house... Apt is MY HOUSE.