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At the end of the year we have both bad news and good news.  The bad news is that SAJE has been robbed and we lost several lap tops and desk tops, headsets for our translation equipment, miscellaneous office supplies, and a breast pump belonging to one of our staff members (we suspect the thief didn’t know what it was, but you never know.)  If you have any donations left to distribute at the end of the year, we would appreciate the help replacing our lost items!

But we have good news too!

We’ve had several victories on the policy front:

  • On December 11, after more than three years, Los Angeles has finally passed regulations for the short term home sharing industry (like Airbnb). This will free up valuable housing for Angelenos who need it.
  • The Community Plan Implementation Overlay Zones for South and Southeast Los Angeles were passed by City Council on December 12. This was the last step in the passage of the Community Plans, which will support equitable development in the area for years to come.
  • On December 20th temporary protections for tenants in "unincorporated" Los Angeles County went into effect.

We are also excited to announce we have received a $400,000 grant from The Kresge Foundation!  Over the next two years we will be working with the Dell Medical School Department of Population Health and Texas RioGrande Legal Aid’s Basta Project in Austin, Texas, the Chainbreaker Collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and St. Johns Well Child and Family Center here in Los Angeles to protect tenant rights and support equitable development.

We’ve also hired two new staff members, Kery Ramirez and Justin Bradley.

Kery Ramirez is a seasoned organizer with more than 10 years in non-profit, civic engagement, and labor mobilization. He has an Associate Degree in Food Service Man{{}}agement from Los Angeles Mission College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Finance from California State University of Northridge. Kery is currently pursuing a program certificate in Graphic Design from Glendale Community College and serves as an Outreach Associate for Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Kery is also a visual artist who paints, films, draws, cooks and photographs.

Justin Bradley is a committed community organizer dedicated to social justice, human rights, tenant rights, healthy housing practices, community-based equitable development, anti-gentrification work, interfaith dialogues, the restoration of Afrikan history, addressing multi-generational trauma and abuse, and achieving equity in education and race relations.  Justin is also interested in local politics. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Long Beach in May of 2017, where he majored in Africana Studies & Religious Studies (double major) and minored in Communication Studies. He currently serves as the Outreach Associate for Strategic Action For A Just Economy (SAJE)  partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Justin has hopes and aspirations to receive his graduate degree with a focus in Public Policy by the year of 2024.